Grigory Karasin

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The senator took part in the international hands-on seminar for young legal scholars, The Present and Future of the BRICS Legal Space.

The officials continued the work to implement the agreements reached at the Russian-Cuban high-level meetings.

Russia’s upholds an unwavering position of principle on the Taiwan issue, Grigory Karasin pointed out.

Members of parliament can promote counterterrorism efforts by adopting relevant legislation, the Senator said.

The message suggests that the Parliament should clarify the official position on its President’s remarks.

Russian parliamentarians participated in the work of the commissions on political affairs and international cooperation, on social policy and human rights, on agricultural policy, natural resources and the environment.

The Senators adopted an Appeal to the United Nations and international parliamentary organisations.

The senator delivered a report at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the Parliamentary Association of North-West Russia and briefed its participants about specific events scheduled to take place in Russia during its BRICS chairmanship.

The Senator briefed the representatives of Australia, Argentina and Kazakhstan on election observation procedures and regulations.

The parties discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest, including further development of inter-parliamentary relations.

People voted for stability and further national development, Federation Council delegation head Grigory Karasin said.

The Russian senator informed the ambassador of the terrorist methods employed by the Kiev regime.

The parties had a constructive conversation on social, economic and political matters.

The Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs held a roundtable discussion as part of the 12th Christmas Parliamentary Meetings.

A roundtable discussion was held to address NATO member countries’ responsibility under international law for unleashing wars.

The senator spoke at the 2nd Global Forum for Interparliamentary Cooperation on Sustainable Development Goals.

The meeting brought together over 30 media representatives, who had the opportunity to ask the senator questions on an extensive scope of issues.

Senators, as well as leading diplomats, China specialists and other experts discussed the strategy for the future of Russian-Chinese interaction.

The Russian position on Kosovo remains unchanged and hinges on the principles of the related UN Security Council resolution, the senator noted.

The officials discussed the situation in the region and settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.