Federation Council Speaker’s meeting with the State Secretary of the Union State

Valentina Matvienko and Dmitry Mezentsev discussed the results of the 9th Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions, as well as the implementation of the Memory Train project.

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko had a meeting with State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev.

At the sections and the plenary session of the 9th Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions, the parties discussed the implementation of the instructions, initiatives and proposals made in Grodno, as well as the involvement of Russian senators in the efforts to fulfil them.

Dmitry Mezentsev noted that the task of improving the development practices of Union State projects and programmes was supported by the relevant ministries and departments in Russia and Belarus.

“Following the result of the coordination, the draft regulations of the Union State will be submitted to Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union State, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.”

Valentina Matvienko and Dmitry Mezentsev also discussed the implementation of 28 Union State programmes for integrating Russia and Belarus. The State Secretary of the Union State informed Ms Matvienko about the development of cooperation in the implementation of these programmes, as well as new proposals to expand several Union State programmes financed from the Union budget, the implementation of which may begin as soon as this year.

Dmitry Mezentsev noted the special importance of the Memory Train Russian-Belarusian project in the context of the work to protect historical memory. He actively supported the proposal to implement this initiative of the Federation Council and the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus as a Union State project starting from 2023.

Also, Dmitry Mezentsev spoke about the Union State Permanent Committee’s plans and the preparations for meetings of the supreme bodies of the Union State to be held this autumn.