Konstantin Kosachev: Mutual enrichment of world cultures contributes to a polycentric world outlook

Deputy Speaker оf The Federation Council spoke at the opening ceremony of Indonesia Friendship Society.

Federation Council Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachev attended the opening ceremony of Indonesia Friendship Society.

The event was organised by the Russian Association for International Cooperation (RAIC), the International Charity Public Fund Dialogue of Cultures — United World, and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Russian Federation.

Konstantin Kosachev said that the mutual enrichment of world cultures facilitated the formation of a polycentric world outlook, to which each nation and each ethnic group made a contribution, thus multiplying the common spiritual wealth of the human civilisation.

“Russian-Indonesian ties in the area of art are an integral part of truly friendly relations between the two nations,” the senator said.

The guests toured an exhibition of paintings dedicated to Indonesia by Russian artists, as well as a photo exhibition 10 New Balis organised by the Indonesian Embassy in Russia.

The event was also attended by Chairman of the RAIC Presidium Sergei Kalashnikov, Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Jose Tavares, government officials and public figures of the two countries, and foreign ambassadors to the Russian Federation.

The Indonesia Friendship Society is a public organisation which promotes friendship and understanding between the peoples of our countries and works to strengthen humanitarian, business, educational, and cultural ties.

The friendship society is headed by President of the International Charity Public Fund Dialogue of Cultures — United World, head of the ETNOMIR project, member of the Presidium of RAIC Ruslan Bayramov. The Society’s members include political and public figures, business people, scientists, and cultural figures.

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