Grigory Karasin discusses Kosovo settlement issues with Caroline Ziadeh, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General

The Russian position on Kosovo remains unchanged and hinges on the principles of the related UN Security Council resolution, the senator noted.

Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Grigory Karasin met with Caroline ZiadehSpecial Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.

They discussed issues of the Kosovo settlement.

“The Russian position on Kosovo remains unchanged. We support the efforts of the UN mission. It is extremely important to attain a viable and mutually acceptable solution between Belgrade and Pristina in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244. This solution needs to conform to international law, and the UN Security Council needs to approve it,” Grigory Karasin noted.

Caroline Ziadeh spoke about the current activities of the UN mission and thanked the Russian side for supporting its work. She called for maintaining an open and honest dialogue on issues of the Kosovo settlement.


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