Federation Council roundtable discussion addresses the role of Russian-Chinese cooperation in shaping a new world order

Senators, as well as leading diplomats, China specialists and other experts discussed the strategy for the future of Russian-Chinese interaction.

The Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Economic Policy planned and hosted the roundtable discussion, “The Growing Importance of Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Formation of a New World Order”.

The event was attended by Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachev, Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Grigory Karasin, as well as its first deputy chairs Andrei Denisov and Sergey Kislyak, Russian senators, State Duma deputies, Foreign Ministry representatives, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, leading China specialists and other experts.

According to Konstantin Kosachev, the two countries need each other equally in the partnership between Russia and China. “Cooperation is becoming a determining factor in politics. The positions of Russia and China in rejecting the unipolar world model play a key role in international relations,” the senator said.

He expressed his conviction that there are significant margins of safety in Russian-Chinese relations, which have stood the test of time and facilitate the coordinated effort to form a new world order.

Grigory Karasin emphasised that the Russian-Chinese partnership has reached its highest level and currently occupies a central place in the international agenda. “Despite the consequences of the pandemic, unprecedented foreign policy pressure, sanctions pressure and information war unleashed by the countries of the collective West, Russia and China are managing to make progress on bilateral cooperation across the board with a relevant and meaningful agenda.”

“Of particular importance is cooperation through legislative bodies. In the emerging geopolitical realities, the parliaments of Russia and China have a special mission to adapt legislation. In the entire system of Russian-Chinese partnership the development of interregional and cross-border cooperation is a major focus of the Federation Council. Work in this area has not stopped even during the pandemic,” said Grigory Karasin.

Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko was the featured speaker.

The results of the discussion will be reflected in the senators’ subsequent legislative activities.

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