Senators take part in CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Standing Commissions meeting

The participants discussed preparation of documents for the upcoming 16th plenary meeting of the Assembly.

First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Vladimir Chizhov and Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Bair Zhamsuyev took part in an extraordinary joint meeting of the standing commissions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO PA) on political issues, international cooperation, socio-economic and legal issues, which was held via videoconference.

The parliamentarians from the CSTO member states considered the following draft documents: recommendations on liability for acts related to the rehabilitation of Nazism and distortion of historical truth in the legislation of the CSTO member states, a statement by the CSTO PA Council on the possible consequences of using depleted uranium munitions, and a statement by the CSTO PA Council in connection with the attempt to justify and encourage a Nazi from the Galicia SS Division in the Canadian Parliament.

As a result of the discussion, the proposals made by the senators were reflected in the draft documents under discussion.

They decided to submit the above documents for approval at the forthcoming council meeting and the 16th plenary meeting of the CSTO PA to be held in Moscow in December this year.