Andrey Yatskin: Parliamentarians of Russia and Kazakhstan work to advance bilateral relations across the board

The First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council met with Deputy Chair of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan Jaqyp Asanov.

First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council and Co-Chair of the Commission on Cooperation between the Federation Council and the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan Andrey Yatskin held a meeting with Deputy Chair of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan Jaqyp Asanov. Mr Asanov is leading the Kazakhstani delegation that has arrived in Moscow to monitor the Russian presidential election.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Andrey Yatskin thanked Kazakhstan for helping to organise voting by Russian residents residing in the republic.

He spoke highly of the trust-based relationship forged by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Jomart Tokayev. The two presidents regularly consult on all current issues.

He also noted that bilateral parliamentary ties were actively developing and stressed the importance of the Inter-Parliamentary Commission on Cooperation between the two countries’ upper houses of parliament, which had its latest meeting in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, on 19–20 October 2023.

Andrey Yatskin suggested holding the Commission’s next meeting in Omsk, Russia, in the latter half of May-early June of this year.

He stressed that Russia was one of the main trade and economic partners of Kazakhstan. “Trade amounted to 2.2 trillion roubles over 11 months of 2023. The accumulated Russian corporate investment in Kazakhstan’s economy has exceeded 1.5 trillion roubles, and this trend continues,” he said.

 Andrey Yatskin pointed out that the two countries are also partners in the CIS and the CSTO and that Russia and Kazakhstan are the driving force in the Eurasian Economic Union where they cooperate constructively. “We proceed from the premise that Kazakhstan will not allow external factors to exert a negative impact on the integration agenda,” he said.

The parliamentarian stressed the need to further expand regional and cross-border ties. Over 70 Russian regions already have working relations with Kazakhstani akimats. He also called for intensifying humanitarian ties and promoting tourism.

Konstantin Kosachev noted in his remarks that it was highly important to instill the spirit of patriotism and respect for traditional values in the youth of both countries. He mentioned the Train of Memory cultural and educational project that seeks to preserve the legacy of our Victory in the Great Patriotic War and pass it on to young people. An invitation has been sent to representatives of Kazakhstan. He expressed the hope that young citizens of Kazakhstan actively participate in the project.

For his part, Jaqyp Asanov stressed the importance of Kazakhstani parliamentarians participating in the monitoring mission for the Russian presidential election. “This is a great event of importance for each country,” he said.

According to Mr Asanov, Kazakhstan and Russia maintain strong relations that allow friendship and cooperation between the countries to thrive.