Konstantin Kosachev takes part in the 12th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues

The event takes place in St Petersburg on 23–25 April.

Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev took part in the 12th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues. The meeting brought together secretaries of security councils, national security advisors and assistants, deputy prime ministers, heads of security and intelligence services from 106 countries, alongside representatives from 10 international organisations.

The event’s theme was “Preservation of national identity and traditional values ​​of world nations as an integral element of maintaining international security, peace, and stability.”

In his remarks, the Federation Council Deputy Speaker underscored that the contemporary world stands at a pivotal juncture. “We are witnessing a divergence between the interests of Western nations and those of the Global Majority,” Konstantin Kosachev emphasised.

“The Western trend towards eroding identity, promoting uniformity, and undermining the individuality of peoples and individuals not only reflects the lack of competitiveness among those pursuing it but also leads to the weakening of human civilisation. Its richness and strength are rooted in diversity,” said the Federation Council Deputy Speaker.

According to Konstantin Kosachev, even in the West, sensible forces recognise in Russia the same core values and principles that have been forsaken in America and European countries, sacrificed to the neoliberal pseudo-democratic “anti-values” that contradict human nature itself.

Speaking about the Russian approach to fostering interethnic peace, the Deputy Speaker underscored its role as a pillar of strength and stability not only for Russian society but for all of humanity.

“Russia has cultivated its model over centuries, traversing a challenging historical journey to shape its current national policy, aiming not to assimilate but to offer other peoples something that enriches them,” the senator said.