Lilia Gumerova attends BRICS Academies of Sciences Heads Meeting

The development of science and technology is a key priority for BRICS countries, the Senator said.

Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture Lilia Gumerova attended a BRICS Academies of Sciences Heads Meeting.

“The theme of Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship is Strengthening Multilateralism for Just Global Development and Security. President Putin has approved a concept and a list of priorities that set the tone for our joint efforts, including the further strengthening of ties in science and modern technology,” the Senator said.

Lilia Gumerova pointed out that the meeting was timed for the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences and would focus on the development of the BRICS counties’ scientific and educational space, interaction in mega science projects and nature-inspired technologies, as well as cooperation between young scientists.

The Senator shared information about her work on the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Working Group on Science and Technology. “One of our priorities is the drafting of the International Charter on the Ethics of Science and Technology, which is scheduled for adoption at the 149th IPU Assembly in Geneva in October 2024,” she said.

Lilia Gumerova pointed out that the Federation Council was working jointly with MPs in BRICS countries to strengthen the association’s international prestige and ability to influence global decisions.

“We are paying special attention to scientific, cultural and humanitarian contacts. The theme of the Fourth Eurasian Women’s Forum (EWF), which will be held in St Petersburg in September 2024, is Women for Confidence Building and Global Cooperation. During the EWF, the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture traditionally holds discussions on the role of women scientists in promoting science and on support for young women scientists and researchers,” Lilia Gumerova noted.

The Senator invited Professor Gina El-Feky, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt, to take part in the discussion.

“In light of the current challenges, the development of science and technology is a key priority for BRICS countries. The meeting of the heads of their academies of sciences is a good venue for exchanging experience and best practices in fundamental research and the creation and implementation of high-end technologies. It can also be used to promote inter-academy cooperation in the best interests of our countries and worldwide science,” Lilia Gumerova said.